Enough Is Enough

She was tired of being used. Every single night it was the same thing. After a long day of flirting with other women and paying her no mind he would send a text around nine to ask if he could come through. She knew it wasn't going to be one of those romantic dreams where her Superman would knock on the door with flowers behind his back and bags of groceries to cook dinner in the kitchen as she relaxed after a long day. It was the other way around. She was the groceries and he looked at her like a fast food drive thru to come through and vanish. And the worst part about it, he even made it quick. She kept contemplating back and forth on what her response would be until temptation squeezed her like a lemon and took hold of her fingers to reply, "I'll see you when you get here" He comes through as usual talking the same old shit with no mental stimulation or substance just thoughts on when he can get her to the bed for some physical penetration. No talks about the future or a serious relationship, just a few simple strokes for two minutes because he never paces it. As he grabbed her hand and began walking her to the room she came to her senses and realized she was done. She was done cohabiting with a man who wants nothing more so she forced him out and slammed the door leaving nothing but his hands grasping her panties because he can't let go. And that's when she realized her vagina is the most valuable thing in the world and it was time to let go of a man who didn't deserve it.